Monday, February 16, 2009

Diary Entry, 11/26/01

To my high school self -

Please fill out the following:

  1. Do you have a boyfriend in your freshman year?  Who is he?

Name________       YES []   NO []


  1. How about soph? Who is he?

Name________      YES []  NO[]


  1. Junior?

Name________      YES []  NO []


  1. Senior?

Name________     YES [] (Please! Pick yes! You betta have one by then!!!)   NO [] (NO sucks.  Don’t do it).


If I picked 3 or more NO’s, then I must be a total loser! Advice: wake up! Do something about what you’re not doing!


If I picked 3 or more Yes’s, then I rock! No advice 4 me! I’m perrrrrrfect.


If I picked half and half, I am just fine.  Fine is good.  I am still proud of myself!


Thanks 4 participating, my high school self!


Pce out,



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